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Home is not just a property but an investment

Home is not just a property but an investment

We live in a chaotic world, where no one knows what tomorrow brings. As the journey of life continues, it becomes more and more difficult. Everyone wants to live a life in which there are less stress and more fun. To make life a little stress free, people usually try hard to get some sort of security in life and invest money for the future.


Today the best investment one can make is in the real estate market which is growing at a good pace. Unlike buying just a home to live, many people and investors are securing their future through property investment. Investing in real estate investing is great because there is a low risk of loss as the value of the property increases with time to time.

The development of Noida is growing and with the development, the real estate market is also enhancing. Several housing projects are in progress and some are already built. Sethi Venice is offering upcoming luxury apartments in Noida Expressway. This project is the exclusive living destination for a rich lifestyle which is offering 3 bhk and 4 bhk at a reasonable price. This project is also one of the ongoing projects in Noida Expressway. The project is loaded with all the facilities and amenities of a luxurious project, raising the bars of your lifestyle.

Investment in Sethi Venice is the most amazing investment one can make. So, make your future a bright one with the right decision and right investing. Book an apartment and invest in Sethi Venice.

A home that unlocks your happiness

A home that unlocks your happiness

Buying a dream home at the present moment is quite difficult. There are several points to keep in mind while purchasing the best home for you and your family like location, design, neighborhood, facilities and much more. All these points are kept in mind while crafting the most luxurious Sethi Venice in Noida sector 150 which is the most prime location of Delhi NCR.


Sethi Venice is the new premium residential project in Noida expressway which makes your dream home come true. Each apartment is crafted with spacious rooms and grand balconies to give you a panoramic view of the project. The spaces are created in each apartment in such a way that allows maximum sunlight and air to travel in each room. Each apartment is 3 sided open apartment. Sethi Venice is one of the most profuse Noida expressway projects.

A great emphasis is given on the landscaping design. Various green spaces, water bodies, fountain, and amphitheater are designed to make you live in a real paradise. Approx 70 percent of the land is dedicated to green spaces for a fresh, green and healthy environment. Spaces for kids, elderly and sports is also dedicated to enjoying their leisure time. The project is wrapped with the most luxurious modern facilities and amenities to indulge you with the premium comforts of relaxation and enjoyment.

So, utilize this opportunity and experience the ultimate living destination for you and your family as Sethi Venice is the profound destination for living a dream life.

Homes that make you exceptional

Homes that make you exceptional

Life is meant to live only once. This is an opportunity for you to change your life and explore the new modern lifestyle. Engage yourself in the luxurious living habitat.

Make yourself experience the best apartment in Noida which is presented by Sethi group.

Sethi Venice characterized by the modern luxury lifestyle to uplift the living standards of people. They offer 4 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Noida 150 which is the most well-planned sector of Noida region. These apartments are designed to make you feel the grandness of your home, spacious living rooms, big balconies where you can relax and stop the time for a moment.

This project is regarded as the new project in Noida Expressway. Various recreational and landscaping spaces are created for a better-enhanced environment like fountains, green areas, water bodies making it the most unique, exquisite project. Most of the space is dedicated to green area to make you connect with nature.

With so much facilities and amenities, Sethi Venice is not less than a living paradise on earth. Most of the people love playing sports but everyone is not privileged because of the busy life but you can play ample of sports whenever you are free here. A huge emphasis is given to the playing areas for children to make their childhood memorable.    A luxury, relaxing and pollution free hub for you and your family.

So, pause your little busy life and experience the bliss of a luxury lifestyle at Sethi Venice by Sethi group.

Defining the new living standards

Defining the new living standards

Each one of us has been blessed with one life. In this lifetime most of the people dream of living in their own luxury houses but only some of them really fulfil this desire.

To make the dreams of people came true, Sethi group offers Sethi Venice in Noida sector 150 which is offering every facilities and amenities people are desiring.


Sethi Group is one of the most promising and top real estate builder in Noida expressway. Not only do they offer residential spaces but world class facilities and amenities which will make people lifestyle a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.The relaxing and rejuvenation aura at Sethi Venice will upgrade your living standards. The living spaces are well designed and are spacious that will overwhelm you with the grandness of luxurious way of living. Special emphasis is been given to the landscaping and the club house as, people love to spend their leisure time playing sports and close to nature.

Sethi Venice is one of the eminent projects which offer 3 bhk luxury apartments in Noida expressway. More than half the area is devoted to green spaces to make you feel close to nature and explore the freshness of green living.

It’s a dream home for people who are stuck and want to escape the city chaos and pollution. Grab this opportunity to invest in your next dream home in Noida sector 150 and experience the bliss of living in Sethi Venice in Noida.

The best choice you can make in Noida

The best choice you can make in Noida

Delhi/NCR and its nearby areas have seen a major boom with infrastructural demand in past five years. People are now more educated when they step out seeking an ideal residential experience. And one of biggest players in the construction sector has made it more easy for people to grab on their dream home. Sethi Venice is an upcoming project from the renowned Sethi group offering premium golf centric apartments at comfortable prices. The makers behind the idea strive at delivering comfort & opulence to your housing experience, for a lifetime. The project offers well designed & spacious 3 BHK luxury apartments in Noida expressway making it as the ultimate destination for buyers and investors.

3 bhk apartment on Noida expressway

Designed by one of the nation’s leading architectural firm Deepak Mehta & Associates, every residential unit is specifically crafted to provide proper air & sunlight ventilation. With 70% of its area dedicated to greenery, the project’s prime location in sector 150 Noida also caters easy connectivity with major parts of the town. Surrounded with greenery and water bodies around the project, the project sums as a paradise for people considering to buy 3 bhk apartment on Noida expressway.

For pampering every comfort of yours, the project features finest state-of-the-art facilities at your ease which further includes different amenities like Tennis court, badminton court, amphitheater and much more. And not only this, but the project has worked on each and every detail of your residential experience including the spacious units. Each home with this project features spacious rooms with large balconies which further adds more to the exclusivity of this housing. The thought behind the project aims at striving for an astonishing housing experience without burning buyer’s pocket. The project is surely a win-win for people looking for lavish 3 BHK apartments in a pollution-free environment.

Grandness of Sethi Venice at a glance

Grandness of Sethi Venice at a glance

Designed by one of nation’s leading architecture firms Deepak Mehra & Associates, Sethi Venice is the ultimate destination for every home buyer out there looking for residential projects in noida expressway. The group believes in delivering the best of residential housing at the most nominal prices featuring golf centric premium homes with pollution free environment. Located at the prime location on Noida expressway in Sector 150, this architectural wonder is loaded with all kinds of modish amenities for all sections of home buyers. The project stands tall amidst green landscapes and clean surroundings. It also features state-of-the-art facilities like golf course, tennis court, amphitheatre and sports arena. The project features all aspects of your living convenience to pamper your comforts which no less than a bliss.

residential projects in noida expressway

This architectural excellence stands on an earthquake resistant structure with proper and safe electrical distribution throughout the building with protective MCBs, modular switches and sockets. The project features spacious & class apart interiors designed for each home to deliver the best of housing. This features vitrified tiles in drawing room, dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen with anti-skid tiles in toilets. Also, wooden work on each door with branded handles and lock. All of this combined at such modest prices is no less than dream for anyone considering for a 3 bhk flat on Noida expressway.

The project has 70% of land area left which is kept as open space for a better living experience. The green & clean surroundings are created to cater the best of residential living. The project also features a number of indoor and outdoor facilities like swimming pool, table tennis, library, aerobics rooms, café, kids play zone and a party hall. The project can be summed as the best of what every Indian home seeker deserves at the best prices which doesn’t burn his pocket.

Extravagance at its best- Sethi Venice

Extravagance at its best- Sethi Venice

It may be hard to envision a desert spring of 14 acres of land of greenery amidst Noida however such a place exists with greenery as well as quake safe structures, themed cultivated and sputtering wellsprings. This apparently incredible place is called Sethi Venice and is outstanding amongst other extravagance extends in Noida Expressway by rumored developers Sethi Group.

4 bhk flats in sector 150 noida

The Sethi group is one of the best land manufacturers in Noida freeway whose extravagance venture Sethi Venice has a games driven approach with 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats at the prime area of Sector 150, Noida. The unpredictable brags of 70 for every penny free land inside its premises.

The amusement driven approach is featured by cutting edge offices, for example, an immense nine holes fairway, a tennis court and devoted playing regions for different games.

Life is lived expansive at the Sethi Venice and subsequently you will find that your business and shopping needs are dealt with inside the premises itself alongside enhancements, for example, AC exercise room, unisex salons, gathering and dinner corridors add to the rich way of life here.

The territory itself has enough doctor’s facilities, shopping centers, excitement centers, IT parks and each other believable accommodation with the goal that you are never far from any luxuries.

Every one of the extravagance on this planet will add up to nothing if the place isn’t associated with human advancement. The Noida Expressway gives itself as a prime area that associates with every single significant territory in Delhi and NCR in least time.

Think about private tasks in Noida freeway. Put resources into a house in Sethi Venice and experience your dreams.

Sethi Venice: Come home to luxury

Sethi Venice: Come home to luxury

Green gardens with cascading fountains, 14 acres of rolling expanse with 70 per cent land left as open space, earthquake resistant structures and a golf centric premium residential neighbourhood are signature elements of one of the best ongoing projects in the Noida Expressway, also known as sector 150.

An impressive inclusion of the Sports City, Noida, this luxurious project is none other than Sethi Venice, another colossal project from the Sethi Group, one of the most trusted names in real estate in North India.

ongoing projects in noida expressway

Every amenity of Sethi Venice spells luxury be it the door to door golf carts for residents and visitors or the grand entrance gate or the two high speed elevators for each tower in the premises. There is understated sophistication everywhere.

One of the unique facets of the 3 BHK apartments here is that they are all corner apartments with 3 sides open and large balconies with panoramic views. Size is never a constraint as the apartments have carpet area ranging from 1114 sq, ft to 1355 sq.ft.

The sports centric emphasis of Sethi Venice dawns on you when you spend time in their state-of-the-art leisure facilities such as a tennis court, a golf course, dedicated playing areas for other sports such as table tennis, billiards and a grand amphitheater within the society itself.

Accessible from all the major points of Delhi and NCR with ease, Sethi Venice, offers you all that a premium neighbourhood can give. This gives all the new residential projects in Noida a run for their money. Embrace a lifetime of comfort and royalty here.

A premium lifestyle for premium people

A premium lifestyle for premium people

Tired of pollution, tiny apartments cramped in tight spaces with every balcony looking out on to a neighbour’s balcony or living room?

Come to Sethi Venice, a new project in Noida expressway where space is the last thing that you will be worried about and you will experience luxury without burning a hole in your pocket.

The unique aspect of these 3 BHK flats are that they are open on 3 sides, have large balconies with panoramic views and there is optimum use of natural light and maximum ventilation in each apartment.

The golf centric premium residential neighbourhood also has another USP of 70 per cent open spaces which mean a view of rolling greenery as far as the eye can see. Earthquake resistant structures, a nine hole golf course, club lounge, dedicated sports areas for different sports such as billiards, table tennis and badminton, doctor’s clinic within campus, AC gymnasium, theme based club and banquet halls provide the element of understated luxury to this residential project.

Living in Noida also means that you do not have to worry about connectivity to any major place such as Delhi, Haryana and Punjab or any commercial places such as GIP mall or Logix mall, Connaught place in Delhi or airports such as the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Luxury on the expressway: Sethi Venice

Luxury on the expressway: Sethi Venice

It might be difficult to imagine an oasis of 14 acres of greenery in the middle of Noida but such a place does exist not only with greenery but also earthquake resistant structures, themed gardens and gurgling fountains. This seemingly unreal place is called Sethi Venice and is one of the best luxury projects in Noida Expressway by reputed builders Sethi Group.

The Sethi group is one of the top real estate builders in Noida expressway whose luxury project Sethi Venice has a sports centric theme with 3 and 4 BHK apartments at the prime location of Sector 150, Noida. The complex boasts of 70 per cent free land within its premises.

The sports-centric approach is highlighted by state-of-the-art facilities such as a huge nine holes golf course, a tennis court and dedicated playing areas for other sports.

Life is lived large at the Sethi Venice and thus you will find that your commercial and shopping needs are taken care of within the premises itself along with amenities such as AC gymnasium, unisex salons, party and banquet halls add to the sumptuous lifestyle here.

The area itself has enough hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment hubs, IT parks and every other imaginable convenience so that you are never far away from any amenities.

All the amenities in the world will amount to nothing if the place is not connected to civilization. The Noida Expressway provides itself as a prime location that connects to all major areas in Delhi and NCR in minimum time.

Consider residential projects in Noida expressway. Invest in a house in Sethi Venice and live out your dreams.